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In His Care

The Broken World Diaries, The Rescue, & The neverending story of a woman and her destiny.

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Dying slave starting over, creating a new world from scratch.It's been 13+ months since He left, 7 months since we had the strength to go through an uncollaring ceremony, 3+ months since He quit calling at all.
i started dating March 2008, or at least attempting to.
We had a world He created for the Nor Cal BDSM folks, first with His dungeon that He left to His previous partner, then with Southern Cross www.southerncrossca.blogspot.com , http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Southern_Cross/,and our affiliated events..(weekly munch, monthly subs group, yearly field trips, annual fundraisers, classes, party hosts, private dungeon for 2 yrs, etc.).
So here i am....
Back on my feet (tottering at times, but still, baby steps!)and starting to find love and peace and new structures in my life as i quest for "the last Owner" i hope to have.

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